Second Round of Winners at the N. GA State Fair Flower Show Announced

The 2nd Flower Show Awards are in and we have some very exciting news!

There were many ‘firsts’ and many creative wins by our Garden Club members this year.  However, of particular note are the accomplishments of two of our members.

Joan Archer, of the Sope Creek Garden Club, earned a blue ribbon in Class 5: The Midway, which led to her win in the Designer’s Choice category, and culminated in her winning the overall top design of the flower show, the Award of Design Excellence.  This is an impressive accomplishment, but is even more impressive since Joan is a first-time entrant to the Flower Show!  (She also attended the Council’s Flower Show 101 class at the Garden Center last August, so we can all say, “we knew her when…”.)

Shirley Priest, of the Jonquil Garden Club, earned the Ima Bentley Award, given to the person with the most blue ribbons for horticulture (2nd show) earned by a Marietta Council of Garden Clubs Member.  Shirley received a whopping 16 Blue Ribbons – a tremendous accomplishment!

Thank you to everyone who entered the flower show this year.  The entries were fantastic and we appreciate the time you took to grow your horticulture, even in the current dry restrictions.  The designs were also spectacular and some of the most creative designs yet.

Congratulations to all!


In case you missed the first flower show – we had 8 Garden Club members who won one or more ribbons last week (Kathy Newman, Jo Ann Dorsey, Karin Guzy, Faith Iskiyan, Helen Grogan, Deanna Slone, Pril Buege and Edna McClellan).  Click here to see the 1st Round results. 


2nd Flower Show – 2017 Top Awards


(A “*” denotes those winners who are a member of one of the 19 Garden Clubs of the Marietta Council of Garden Clubs)


Horticultural Excellence: Mary Barry – Dahlia “Zorro”


Award of Merits:

            Annual-Flowering: Victoria Turney– Bougainvellia

            Annual Foliage: Johnnie Hadley – Begonia “Plumb Paisley”

            Dahlia: Roy Wilcox – Dahlia “Waterlily”

            Roses: Grace Amahere – Rosa “Legends”

            Vines: * Polly Burson – Clematis “President”


Grower’s Choice Award:

Hanging Container-Foliage: Stephanie McGill – Humata tyermanii “Rabbits Foot Fern”


Arboreal Award:

Shrubs:  Nancy Jamison – Fatsia

Trees: * Shirley Priest – Acer palmatum “Japanese Maple Katsura”


Junior Youth Award: E. Birney – Hedera

Intermediate Youth Award: B. Edge – Sweet Potato


Ima Bentley Award:  * Shirley Priest – 13 Blue Ribbons


Designers Choice:

            Section A: Class 1 & 2 – Dellis Caden-Noble “The Fair by Day & by Night”

            Section B: Class 5 – * Joan Archer “The Midway”


Award of Design Excellence:

            Section B: Class 5 – * Joan Archer “The Midway”


            Class 1: The Fair by Day

                        1st place: Dellis Caden-Noble

                        2nd place: * Kendra Boyer

                        3rd place: Cathy Amos

                        4th place: * Shirley Dobbins


Class 2: The Fair by Night

                        1st place: Dellis Caden-Noble

                        2nd place: * Kendra Boyer

                        3rd place: Cathy Amos

                        4th place: * Shirley Dobbins


Class 3: Chainsaw Carving

                        1st place: * Pril Buege

                        2nd place: * Fran Myers

                        3rd place: Nancy Jamison

                        4th place: * Pat Weaver


Class 4: The Flower Show

                        1st place: * Mikel Vann

                        2nd place: Donna Atwater

                        3rd place: * Faith Iskiyan                                                                                                                                     

4th place: Dr. John Barnett


Class 5: The Midway

                        1st place: * Joan Archer

                        2nd place: * Lorelle LoCurto

                        3rd place: * W. Crain

                        4th place: * C. Booth


Class 6: The Ferris Wheel

                        1st place: Sheila Johnson

                        2nd place: Maidee Spencer

                        3rd place: Mellanie Tuttle

                        4th place: * Becky Groce