These notes are very important.  Please read carefully and refer to them in the course of planning and the execution of your event.  Please give a copy of these rules to your caterer.  This is very important!

The following regulations will apply to rental privileges:

Please remember that the Center is a home and not comparable to a public place such as a civic center, hotel, etc.    Consider your use of electrical appliances and musical equipment in light of what voltage they use.  Check with the center’s office regarding questions you might have.  We do not wish you to be faced with power outages during your special event.

Number of guests is for an “indoor only” event is limited to 150– If you plan a sit down dinner, the meeting room will only sit between 70 and 100 guests. Indoor/outdoor events can accommodate up to 250 guests.  Business meetings and other partial day events have different guest maximums.  Please check with our Center Administrator.

Wedding receptions and full day rentals have the use of the GardenCenter beginning at 7:30am on the event day.  All guests must be out by 11pm, your caterer/helpers may do “clean up” (putting away tables and chairs, removing decorations, etc…) until midnight.  Business meetings and partial day rentals will have rental hours written on the contract.

Our security guard(s) must be on-site for wedding receptions and other full day rentals.  (1 guard for 1-150 guests and 2 guards for 151-250 guests.)  Security guards are available but optional for business meetings and other partial day gatherings.

A walk-through to learn about the GardenCenter is required before your key will be issued.  This will be scheduled with the Garden Center Administrator but for wedding receptions and other full day weekend rentals will usually be scheduled on Friday during regular office hours: 9:30am-2:30pm.

Garden Center personnel do not provide any set up for your event.  All tables and chairs must be set up by the renter or someone assigned by the renter.  The Center has for your use: 70 chairs; 12 round tables (48″); 4 round tables (42″); 8 rectangular tables (6 ft.)  Garden Center tables and chairs may be used in the house or on the porch, not in the yard.  If you wish to have tables and chairs outside, you must supply your own or rent them from an outside vendor.

Pads are provided for the dining room and back parlor tables and must be used.  They are stored in the dining room closet.  You are to provide your own cloths for these tables.

There will be no linens, china, glassware or silver supplied by the Center.  You or your caterer must supply these items if they are needed.

Candles used in our candlesticks must be drip-less.  Candles in the meeting room or outdoors must be in appropriate containers: hurricane glass, votive holders, etc…  We recommend placing all candles in your refrigerator a few days before you expect to use them.

No Garden Center furniture is to be moved by the renter.

Decorations may not be placed on wall, columns, or chandeliers.  No plaques or paintings may be moved from walls.  No equipment may be moved from house.  Decorative items, such as plates, vases and candlesticks, may be removed by the Center Administrator at your request.

Please remove all bows, ivy, and decorations from our sign, gazebo, porch, porch rails, etc. before you leave.  No helium balloons are allowed.

You are expected to put away tables and chairs and remove all decorations after your event.  All trash should be taken to the dumpster.  Our cleaning staff will vacuum, dust and mop after the event.  If you do not perform your clean-up duties, the cleaning staff will do so and the charges incurred by the GardenCenter will be taken out of your damage fee deposit.  All rental items must be picked up on the day of your event unless you have made prior arrangement with the Center Administrator.

Alcohol is permitted.  It can be set up in the meeting room, on the porch or in the garden.

The antique piano in the library is available for use under these conditions: (a) A $100 non-refundable fee for tuning will be charged.  (b) It is to be played by a professional pianist in a classical style only, due to the advanced age of the components.

Music of your choice is permitted, but please be sure that the noise level does not disturb the neighbors or violate the Marietta City Noise Ordinance Laws.  All outdoor music must be off by 11pm.

If you plan to dance, you must rent a dance floor.  The dance floor may go in the meeting room or outdoors.  If dancing outdoors, the dance floor must be rented from Unlimited Party & Event Rental (678-567-1543) and may only be placed in the designated area.

Tents are allowed on the lawn only if rented from Unlimited Party & Event Rental (678-567-1543).

The second floor of the GardenCenter contains offices.  This space is not available for your use.  A “privacy” chain will be put across the stairs during your event.

For safety reasons, you may not throw rice at your event.  Birdseed may be thrown in the yard only.  No birdseed in building, on porch, or on steps.  You may throw fresh flower petals.  If silk flower petals are used, you must pick them up after the event.  No sparklers or fireworks allowed.   No tiki torches or lamps containing liquid fuel.  No chimeneas or fire pits.  Violations will result in additional charges.

Cars and Trucks must not be driven on the lawn.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  We have on-site parking as well as the use of two off-site parking lots for weekend events.  Security guard(s) will direct guests on where to park for wedding receptions.

No doves, butterflies, or other wildlife may be release during your celebration.  Dogs may be part of your wedding ceremony as long as their litter is scooped.

Violation of any rules may result in the forfeiture of your damage fee deposit!

When your event is complete, be sure that you have done the following:

  • Return all tables and chairs to storage area.
  • Take all of your decorations with you.
  • Leave rooms straight and as clean as possible
  • Please no toothpicks down the drain or in the dishwasher.
  • Be sure stoves are turned off.
  • Please do not leave any food in the refrigerator, stove, kitchen or garbage cans in kitchen.  Four large drawstring trash bags will be furnished for the removal of all garbage. These bags should be placed in the dumpster located behind the Center.  Should you need other bags, they should be the drawstring type as well.
  • Caterers must break down all boxes before disposal.
  • Be sure that all of the lights are out inside and outside, and doors are locked. Front door locks from inside only.
  • Return thermostat settings to their proper settings.
  • Return key to the security guard if there is a guard at your event.  If not, please use the key drop box on the back door.
  • The clean-up crew comes at night so be sure to remove all of your personal items.

Our board reserves the right to drop in on your event to check if anything is needed.

The Marietta Educational Garden Center thanks you and we hope that the use of our Center will be enjoyable.