Congratulations to All of Our Flower Show Winners!

Thank you to everyone who entered the flower show this year at the N. Georgia State Fair. The entries were fantastic and we appreciate the time you took to grow your horticulture.
The designs were also spectacular and so creative–you amaze us every year! A special congratulations to the many Garden Club members listed below who earned ribbons and top honors:

1st Flower Show – 2019 Top Awards

Award of Merits:
Bulbous-Flowering: Bridget Horgan – Lycoris Radiata ‘Spider lily’
Perennial-Flowering: Victoria Chastain – Tricyrtis hirta: Toad lily

Grower’s Choice Award:
Container – Flowering: Karin Guzy – Stapelia lepida ‘Carrion flower’

Arboreal Award:
Shrubs: Kathy Griggs – Acuba varigated

Collections: Jack Driskell – Aspidistra: ‘Jade Ribbon’, ‘Spectacular’, ‘Leopard’, ‘Stars & Stripes’,
‘Milky Way’

North Georgia State Fair Sweepstakes Award: Jack Driskell – 37 Total Blue Ribbons

Class 1: Arbors & Tutuers
1st place: Fran Myers
3rd place: Karin Guzy
4th place: Kendra Boyer

Class 2: The Sound of Water
1st place: Pril Buege

Class 3: Shadows & Light
4th place: Anastasia Kipreos

Class 4: Beyond the Green
2nd place: Sally Holcomb
3rd place: Ruby Mercier
4th place: Carole Jordan

Class 5: Reaching for the Sun
1st place: Anna Barns
3rd place: Donna Outwater
4th place: Ann Houston

Class 6: Picnic
1st place: Becky Groce
2nd place: JoAnn Dorsey
3rd place: Joan Archer

2nd Flower Show – 2019 Top Awards

Award of Merits:
Annual-Flowering: Victoria Chastain – ‘Red Button’ Ginger
Bulbous-Foliage: Polly Burson – Curcuma Zedaoria
Perennial-Foliage: Karin Guzy – ‘Chicken Gizzard Plant’ Iresine Coltivazione
Annual – Foliage: Victoria Chastain – Coleus ‘Wasabi’

Arboreal Award:
Shrubs: Karin Guzy – Pyracantha
Trees: Karin Guzy Metasequoia

Collections: Karin Guzy – Vine Collection (Dicentra scandens, Rubus calcinoides,
Muhlenbeckia complexa, Solanum laxum, Hedera helix)

Ima Bentley Award: Karin Guzy – 22 Most Blue Ribbons by a Garden Club Member

2nd Flower Show – 2019 Top Awards

Award of Design Excellence:
Section A: Class 1- Birds of a Feather: Joan Archer

Designers Choice:
Section A: Class 1- Birds of a Feather: Joan Archer
Section B: Class 4 – All in The Family: Edna McClellan

Class 1: Birds of a Feather
1st place: Joan Archer
2nd place: Mikel Vann
4th place: Pril Buege

Class 2: Walls Define Garden Rooms
1st place: Karin Guzy

Class 3: When we Fall in Love
1st place: Shirley Priest
3rd place: Karin Guzy

Class 4: All in the Family
1st place: Edna McClellan
2nd place: Kendra Boyer
3rd place: Karin Guzy
4th place: Meg Calhoun

Class 6: Tea in the Garden
1st place: Lorelle LoCurto
3rd place: Nancy Pillar